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Tej Kohli – The Entrepreneur

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 | 11:10 am

Tej Kohli is well-known businessman and philanthroph, resides in San Jose, Costa Rica. Tej Kohli firmly believed that with hard work and perseverance, he could rise above the poverty that much of his nation experiences and make a true success story that could inspire others.

Most people end up spending their entire lives living within close confines dictated by the age old traditions of the society. Tej kohli is not one of those people. Tej Kohli was born in New Delhi, India where he founded the interactive software firm Grafix Softech after graduating with honors from IIT.

Now that Kohli has written a success story for Grafix Softech, he could have chosen to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of his success. But thanks to his caring mindset and good heart, he has looked for ways to help the people of his adoptive nation and strives to do so in the future as well.

Tej’s many philanthropic interests include The Tej Kohli Foundation, which provides assistance for the impoverished children. The Kohli foundation has a three hundred thousand dollar endowment funded solely by Mr. Tej Kohli. Mr. Kohli plans to expand reach of the foundation to more regions of the country.

Tej Kohli Foundation Tej Kohli funded and nurtured the foundation for welfare of Costa Rican under privileged children community.

Given below is a brief overview of Tej Kohli owned businesses and companies:

Grafix Softech – Back in 1993, Tej Kohli left India to launch his first brainchild Grafix Softech, an interactive software development company. Shortly after its inception, Grafix introduced a comprehensive range of internet services including web designing, internet marketing, content writing at cost-effective prices. During the nascent days of e-commerce, Grafix developed a state-of-the-art payment gateway software to facilitate hassle free online transactions. Today, the company holds a
strong client base in South America and has its head office in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Tej Kohli Foundation – It is a private non-profit organization funded and managed solely by Mr. Tej Kohli. With a mission to help the less privileged and making the world a better place, the foundation is taking care of thousands of people across the globe through its various outreach efforts. With initial focus on Costa Rica and India, the foundation strives to alleviate poverty and extend better educational opportunities, nutrition and providing basic civic amenities like clean drinking water, proper sanitation etc. to the poor.

Ozone Real Estate – A successful Real Estate speculator and developer, Tej Kohli laid the foundation of Ozone Real Estate in the year 2007 with the aim of helping investors benefit from the real estate boon in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company provides several services including real estate development, investments, sales and marketing management. Experts in real estate development, ozone real estate have to their credit some of the finest buildings on the earth including Cassi Bay Tower, Tameer Towers, Hydra Hollywood Tower, Hydra Avenue Tower, A1 Business Tower and many other upcoming real estate masterpieces. Ozone has a qualified team of real estate agents, who have years of experience in offering services in sales, investment, and leasing.

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